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The flavor of

homemade Venezuelan cuisine
"La Arepa"
"La Arepa"
"El Patacón"
"El Patacón"
"El Pabellón Criollo"
"El Pabellón Criollo"
"La Cachapa"
"La Cachapa"

Our Restaurant

"Kaxapa Factory was established 6 years ago, where our clients come first and everything is made from the bottom of our heart".  


With a total of 9 tables and a capacity of 35 people, the warmth and kindness of the restaurant is our greatest characteristic.


Our chef has created more than 25 authentic and flavorful dishes, which we feel will offer a traditional Venezuelan experience

From a "Patacón(deep fried green plantain) to the distinguished "Arepa" (cornmeal round flatbread), and topped off with a refreshing "jugo de parchita" (passion fruit juice) or a "papelón con limón" (sugar cane juice with lemon); Kaxapa Factory is the perfect place to savour and indulge in our extensive and flavorful Venezuelan menu

Make yourself at home and let us take good care of you at Kaxapa Factory!



Our Venezuelan  cuisine has a great variety of gluten-free and flavorful dishes, among them are:

· Arepa

· Cachapa

· Patacón

· and so much more...

Enjoy them with the certainty that they are all made with the utmost care for all of our guests.


el sabor tradicional!


- The "Cachapa" is a sweetcorn pancake, with cheese and brown sugar, cooked in a "budare"; you can find it all around Venezuela even though it is more popular in the central region. That sweet and great transformation of corn into a pancake normaly comes with a delicious "queso e´ mano" and a touch of butter.

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